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About CHC

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CHC was established in 1972 by Professor Sam Baker of Fresno, California. As founding President, Mr Baker passed over the recommended name of California Bear Hunters for the broader name of California Houndsmen for Conservation. This not only established a comprehensive community of interests, but set forth a worthy focus that CHC has steadfastly adhered to since its inception many years ago.

CHC is a statewide organization representing thousands of hound hunters across California. Individuals, families and regional hound hunting clubs are all an integral part of CHC’s composition, but in the spirit of solidarity, its members work tirelessly to inspire unity among all sporting pursuits across California and the United States.

CHC believes that the management of wildlife is best entrusted to the care of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. The authority to establish regulations necessary to conserve our state’s wildlife should remain with those schooled and trained to use sound logic, scientific reasoning and proven wildlife management principles; not emotion, ignorance or personal agendas.

CHC members remain vigilant in the political arena by attending California Department of Fish and Game Commission, and California State Senate and Assembly hearings and seeks to expand its influence by engaging in productive dialogue with our elected and appointed representatives.

CHC strives to minimize operational expenditures in order to dedicate as much of the funds generated by donations, fundraising efforts and membership dues as possible to the defense and promotion of hound hunting and other recreational uses of wildlife.

The only compensation the Officers and Trustees of CHC ever receive is the personal satisfaction in knowing they have made significant strides in ensuring the survival and prosperity of a timeless piece of American heritage.